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I’m going to the beach today with my man! Yeay! First time in ages that we’ve been able to do something with just us two. Now we’re going to prepare some sandwiches and then it’s off to the beach!
Enjoy your tuesday!

 dress, necklace: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers

update: back! We ended up not going to the beach because it is such a long drive and the weather is too hot to be sitting in a car for a long time without going absolutely positively bonkers, so we decided on going to a park in Antwerp near some water, eat our picnic there, and then drive on to the Antwerp shopping district. We strolled hand in hand, laughed, were annoyed at the H&M sales (seriously, everything is gone already? What happened?), tried on some Zara clogs (ok that was just me) that I ended up not getting as they looked just too clunky on me, even though they were surprisingly comfy, almost bought a gorgeous sequined fifties type dress at COS which was marked down to 65 euro, but decided against it because I'd probably wear the dress once or twice and that is too much money to spend on something that might be stunningly gorgeous but not very practical or useful at all, and we visited All Saints and two really really ridiculously goodlooking boys worked there and were discussing the difference between buono and bono in adorable english with an accent, and my boyfriend had a banana milkshake and I had a huge cup of freshly squeezed orange juice at a juice stand, which was really friggin awesomely good and refreshing in the july heat.

That was our day in crappy interpunction! :D Oh, and the watch and bird pin I ordered arrived!

the watch is even prettier (and shinier!) in real life! Oh, and my boyfriend and I ran into a darling little vintage store in one of the smaller streets in the shopping district. I'm totally going back to check out all the lovely dresses! 

Hope your day was as good as mine!


  1. It sounds like a great day! Wish you a wonderful beach day! Your dress looks gorgeous with the gray gladiators!

  2. love your neclace, totaly you look so preety, well done ! w_w

  3. You look great in that dress! I need a pretty white dress like that! It fits so well! And that's a fabulous necklace!

  4. I am so jealous you have all this time to enjoy the beach!!! lol

    Great dress, this season Annebeth?

    Photo of me... maybe, I have huge issues with "me"... still.

    Have a fab day at the beach, :D



  6. thanks so much girls!!! great sight to come home to, these sweet comments :)

    kim: yes, it is this season! bought it two weeks ago. Do pick a size bigger than your regular size as the top fits reallllly tightly and I don't even have that much boob to squeeze in :D and I'd post a picture if I were you, if you end up regretting it you can always take it down!

    joanna: thank you darling!!

    daily fashionista: thanks so much :D we have to thank h&m for making chicness attainable!

    touch the sky: thanks sweetie :D

    swalvs: thank yooooou!

  7. what a very pretty dress!!!=) btw Anne I'll be conducting a giveaway on my blog very soon, hope you could join!=) Mwah!

  8. I'm definitely checking it out, doll!

  9. What I cute white dress! Ik zoek nog steeds het perfecte witte jurkje maar lijk het niet tegen te komen :(

  10. It sounds like a great day! Wish you a wonderful beach day! Your dress looks gorgeous with the gray gladiators!