The Nutcracker

Ola chicas! Don’t expect a supermegalong post from me today, I’m not sure what I have to tell. First things first: I’m going to the hairdresser’s today! I’m going to get this haircut. Very much like what I have right now, but I have been cutting it myself since october and it needs to be “professionalized”. So that’s part one of my day. Aside from that, my boy and I went to the mall yesterdaynight to check out if they had already started the sales, as those sales officially start July 1st, but stores always try and push that limit. H&m was having this deal of buy two, get 50% off on both that we couldn’t pass up on and I bought sandals, sunglasses, a pair of aqua shorts, two pairs of knickers and a white dress, to replace my old white dresses if I ever have a laundry accident again. That shit yesterday traumatized me for life, my friend.

Tomorrow is the official start of the sales, so I’m going to Antwerp early in the morning so I won’t have to shop in the sweltering heat that has been predicted, and hopefully the crowd won’t be as horrible in the morning. Oh well, we’ll see. Today’s outfit was very girly and quirky: tutu skirt and oversized tank from h&m, and my sacha wedges. Hope you like it!

PS the chili con carne that I made yesterday was AWESOME. I hadn't eaten it since I was a kid and it tasted so good yesterday, serious soul food.

Edit: I just remembered my childhood love for tutus. As you can see, we don't change that much as we grow up. Some of us don't change at all. Same clothes, same haircut?
That thing on my head is a curtain btw, but to me it was a princess’ veil. I was creative like that.


  1. I went through the sales here the past two days...and it was quite sucessful as you can see on my blog...I get all I wanted *happy*
    I saw the nutcracker as at the local opera last winter and it was amazing.
    Good Luck for your visit at the hairdresser. I always have bad expieriences when I went I cut my hair by myself everytime.

  2. If your hair is as long as yours, it is way easier to cut it yourself. Short hair is hard! Especially the back of your head! :D I'd love to see the nutcracker one day, seems magical.
    I'll check out your buys!

  3. Oh die tutu had ik ook! =D

    Veel plezier met shoppen! =D Ik moet helaas heel de week leren bweuk! =O


  4. Oooooh dank je! ^^

    Ik ben van plan om die hoofdjuweeltjes zelf te maken, maar ik heb deze op Asos gekocht zodat ik een 'how to' voorbeeld had =D Wanneer de H&M met de '1 euro bolletjes' begint, koop ik meteen alle kettingen op om ze daarna te transformeren tot haarbanden hihi =D

    Die sushibar is in dat gebouw van de UGC, vlak over de wagamama (en dus niet die mini sushibar van hen! =D), waar 2 maand geleden nog een Mexicaans restaurant was =p Overdag is het 16 euro en 's avonds €22,95 wat voor sushi héél weinig is (vooral als je 5 keer de hele kaart kan bestellen xD)

  5. Das idd niks! die ga ik zeker eens uitproberen, thanks! En ik kijk uit naar je tutorial :D

  6. oh what an adorable skirt! and those shoes! :D :D
    Loving the ballet pose--I have often wished to be a ballerina, and pretend to be one when I'm alone sometimes (even tho in actuality I'm a big ol klutz, haha)

    Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer

    p.s. I'm doing a little giveaway on my blog right now!

  7. thanks! I tried ballet when I was 3 years old or something but I was mainly interested in the dresses and skirts! I kept bugging my parents for a tutu and in the end they just bought me one and I didn't even want to take the classes anymore! :D

  8. your skirt is adorable and you were such a cute child!