I can't complain but sometimes I still do

Hey girl hey!
Sunny day yesterday, which called for a sundress. And once the sun comes out, I always get more in touch with my girly, feminine, retro side so I went for the 50s look in this one.

 dress, hat, nailpolish: h&m
shoes: bershka

I so love my boater hat, I really think people should wear hats more often. When you have really dark hair like me and the sun is shining, your head gets so hot after a while and I always feel like it’s bad for my hair to sit directly in the sun, so a hat is a perfectly stylish option to keep your head cool! So silly we forgot about that. I mean, we still have caps and the more athletic kind of hats but those are ugly. This hat is pretty! We all have the right to have a pretty hat to keep our head cool and our face wrinklefree! I said it before and I’ll say it again: a boater hat or a fedora are the ultimate way to give a very feminine ensemble a chic and androgynous finish without looking out of place. It all seems to belong together.
The dress and the hat are from h&m. I love the little bow/knot detail on the dress. The shoes are quite old and from Bershka. They used to be regular brown-black leopard with purple trims a purple bow, but I thought they were a little too “in your face” so I grabbed some dark shoepolish and just gave them a light layer of polish so they’d be purple-ish all over. They are made from canvas-like material so it stays on perfectly (as anyone who has ever had shoe polish stains on any piece of fabric would know :D). When I think about it, I actually do a lot if DIY. That t-shirt from yesterday? I cut the neckline myself. And I cut the shorts myself too. I’m such a DIY queen! :D


  1. This is fabulous!! I really like the way boater hats are added a little something extra to an outfit.

  2. Yes, this is adorable. I love how you "fixed" your shoes~~the color is fabulous!