Go back, Jack, do it again

In India a baby elephant who had fallen down a well was saved! Yeay!
I was wearing a romper yesterday. It actually used to be a harem-panted jumpsuit with long legs but I honestly feel that harempants look like diapers most of the time and certainly on me, so I cut it off and made the crotch a little less “hanging down there” with some stitches.

romper: altered h&m
espadrilles: h&m
hat: h&m

I love how it kind of looks like a dress some warrior princess would wear, totally impractical ofcourse and never showing her underwear even though she’s doing roundhouse kicks etc. The fact that it’s a romper does make it a bit more practical! :D
I love these cheap ass espadrilles I bought at h&m, they seriously feel like wearing clouds on your feet, and lord knows I have a serious thing for all kinds of shoes that tie around the leg. The hat seemed like a logical companion for my outfit with the rope-tones with the black. Again a somewhat casual/glamorous-vintage summerlook Diane Kruger might wear! :D

We had a lovely dinner in the garden with fresh bread, italian meats, olives, cherry tomatoes and caprese outside in the garden. Perfect saturday!


  1. Oh that's a perfect idea! It looks so good on you and the shoes make it even more beautiful!!! Loved it!!! And I want that hat! :D

  2. it looks perfectly fit on you :D :D
    and those food photos yuuuummm~~ ^^

  3. Great idea to cut the long legs off. I don't like harem pants to because it almost looks stupid. Haha. But they're so trendy at all.
    That meal looks so good. Really love tomato/mozarella salad with balsamico.

  4. i think the romper looks so good with the tie up shoes!!!! really fun and classic still! :D

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  5. that romper looks sooo comfy!


  6. Cute cat in the last outfit picture! Is it yours?

    And you look stunning, as always!

    Aaaand, guess what! I did end up wearing a maxi dress yesterday!

    And here it is!

  7. ALL cats are my cats! :D haha no I have three cats and both the grey one in my first pic and the ginger one are mine! and yeay lauren, you went for the maxiiiii! how did it feel :D
    thanks girls!
    dixi: yes it is soooo comfy!
    saskia: they are TOO trendy! :D
    libys: thanks, I feel the same way!
    jessica: it tasted even better! :D
    seval: thanks sweetie :)

  8. ahhh, it was so good! And it only got tangled up in my feet once (I was walking up some stairs and my hands were full so I couldn't hold it up.)

    As simple as it is, I really love wearing a put-together outfit. Most times I'm not really doing anything but bum around my house and maybe run some errands, maybe visit a friend, so it's usually a t-shirt and shorts. I'm going out to see a movie tomorrow, though, so I'll put some thought into my outfit! :D

  9. Maxi's are pretty perfect for days when you feel like not making much of an effort though! :D what movie are you going to see?

  10. Je staat echt goed met die jumpsuit!

  11. Get Him To The Greek.

    I'm really excited, because Russell Brand is hilarious!

  12. HI!

    I missed this look on Chictopia- but what have been doing not visiting your blog this whole time? I'm an asshole, I guess.

    But now you're on my blogroll and you can just consider me a regular.

    Soon I'll be ordering my usual.

    -Haiku Ambulance

  13. 1. I'm drooling over this food! Mmm mozzarella!
    2. Your romper is adorable. I'm with you on the harem pants... certainly not for me. Love seeing this altered version!


  14. Smart move cutting the legs off... I should do that because regular rompers are cut too short for my body and give me major wedgies. not attractive.