Oh oh oh oh

My first exam is over and it went great! I didn’t expect it to suck ofcourse since the material was super easy, but still: nice way to start my exams! Next one: french on wednesday. I’m kind of stressed out about it because I’m not THAT good at french and because our professor is going to correct the exams superstrict, but I think I’ve done all I can do so I just have to let it go. I prefer courses that you can just study and get it over with. Languages are trickier than that.
But I’m really happy today because of the great exam, and because of some other things as well!

1) a streetstyle photographer stopped me today and asked if she (a gorgeous girl with blond curls) could take my picture because she loved my outfit!!!
btw if you read this: comment and leave me your email, I’d love to see your work!

2) I finally bought white brogue-type shoes: a simpler version than the ones I posted earlier on my blog, but the second I tried them on I knew it was love. They were quite cheap (50 euros for real leather: not bad!) and the leather is soooo supple! I can’t wait for them to get a bit dirty though, haha

3) I had a delicious tuna sandwich (yes I am a tuna sandwich-addict)

4) I found some really superduper cute summershoes at h&m, cheap espadrilles and some sandals which I’ll be taking pictures of one of these days

5) I bought a cheap Bruce Springsteen shirt at H&M: I LOOOOOVE Bruce and there was only one shirt or I just couldn’t find the rest of them. There were a lot of Rolling Stones shirts though but I don’t really like the band and it had that overplayed mouth print that is almost tacky to me

6) I’m having pizza in like two minutes. I’m not that hungry because of said tuna sandwich, but IT’S PIZZA

 dress: zara
cardi: pimkie
tights: h&m
shoes: sacha

7) I quite like this outfit and how my hair has been looking. That is all!

edit: some pics of my new shoes and my cutie cats
they are so lazy

Like a satellite I'm in orbit all the way around you

 dress, jacket, shoes: h&m

Whenever I wear sneakers, I feel like I've totally dressed for comfort or a day of walking. Feels so weird that once upon a time, I used to wear sneakers every day, like most teenage girls. When you look back, you can’t help but wonder how you got by with such limited clothing options: sneakers hardly go with everything. And I don’t know how your highschool was, but at my school; people would look at you funny if you’d show up in heels, boots or sandals. So sneakers it was, up until I reached my “punk” period.
Thank god I tore myself loose from other people’s expectations. I so love being able to wear whatever the hell I want.
Did anyone watch Eurovision last night? Who were your favorites? Did you agree about the winner? I thought Lena was adorable, had a cool tattoo and just seemed like a cool chick all over.

I didn’t mind her winning. I was rooting for Romania because that song is just catchy as hell and amazingly written.

And Belgium has never ended so high in the ranking so even though I thought the song was lame, I was quite proud!
Lady Gaga should totally partake in Eurovision, she’d rock it’s socks off, haha

And I’d just like to thank you all for all your sweet comments! I always read all of them and they make me feel so happy! So to all those who read/follow my blog but don't comment: please do! I treasure every comment I get and I'd love to hear more from you guys!

Ps sorry about touching my hair in almost every single picture. And I hope you enjoy my silly jumping pic!

Hey boy, hey girl

Not very talkative today, just want to thank Aphrodite for her cool giveaway on her blog, because I was one of the selected winners! WOOHOO! And my boyfriend, for buying me a mini-laptop for my birthday next week! And Mitzicocoa for a blogaward she gave me ages ago but I just noticed last night when I was browsing her awesome blog.
Oh and I just had some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup. You gotta have ketchup.
On the downside of things: I was cutting asparagus and I sliced my nail: blood everywhere. Gross.
I have my first exam on monday so I’ll try to study a bit today! Hope you guys like my outfit! :)

PS doesn't this cloud totally look like a smiling face?

I know life's a bummer baby, but that's got precious little to do with me

I was inspired by playing with fire’s style, especially how she wears polkadotted tights in sandals with seemingly simple but actually quite intricate looks, so I tried her on for size! I started with this skirt, before I realized I was being inspired. I just wanted to wear this cheapass h&m skirt: I had been looking for a flowy, light colored, short, high waisted skirt and I found this one at h&m, cost like 10 euros or something: too good to pass up on. I had this vision in my mind of wearing it with polkadotted tights since the weather has been stinky enough to have to wear tights again. And then the conundrum began: dark top to match the tights, or light top to match the skirt?
 dress worn as top: altered zara dress
skirt, tights: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers

As you can see, I settled on a bit of both: a black top with tiny white polkadots all over. And you can’t really see it in the bigger pictures, but the skirt has a really fine light blue striped print so I was printmix central again. Normally I would’ve just put some black ankleboots with this outfit, but this is where I realized that the entire look kind of maybe possible sort of made me think of playingwithfire’s style. And somehow, it felt right to put these dusty pink wedges with it to hightlight the cuteness and femininity of the look and to add some quirk.
 source: playingwithfire

That girl is all about her dusty pinks and I adore it. A very light, almost skintone shade of pink is really an “it” color if you ask me: both soft and edgy, a neutral with some vibrancy. And it doesn’t look good on me, so I just use it to accesorize! I already bought this beige-pinkish bag at Pimkie and I realllllly want shoes like these:
bottom left
 on Sienna
It just looks so nice :(
And there you have it u guyzzzzzzzz

Once in a lifetime

Feast your eyes, ladies and gentlemen, because this is one of the maybe 5 times a year I wear pants. Is that problematic, like how some girls haven’t worn a dress/skirt since their 12th birthday? Or is it just what I prefer? My problem isn’t so much with the pants: I love my lower half. I just have a mostly hate-relationship with tops. Either they are too simple, or they are too much, and most of the time they aren’t flattering at all on me when combined with pants. Shorts or skirts, I can manage, but pants usually make my shape look a bit masculine. I prefer the typical female proportions of small shoulders, narrow ribcage and wider hips. Oh well, we all have our hangups.

pants: zara
coat: pimkie
sweater: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers

Anyway, what I meant to say was that these are actually my favorite pants, I think. Even though I hardly wear them. They just fit like a dream and have such a cool retro cut to them, plus they were ike 10 euros in the sales at Zara. Only problem: what to wear on top? With a black top, it becomes boring. With a white top, it just emphasizes me being broader in my shoulders than in my hips. I haven’t really tried prints with it, but I feel apprehensive about it because that is a whole lot of look. And somehow, a different bright color would make the pants look too casual? Or too soccer mom? :D
So I went with grey: safe. And to keep it from being too boring, I went with sequined grey. I quite like the result as it reminded me of the quintessential first-pants-for-women in the 50s-60s look. Mess my hair up a bit, wear peeptoes (I was contemplating socks in heels but that would be not-me :D), bright red lips and retro fake glasses et voila.
As you can see, the weather sucks here. Why must I live in a region where 4 days of good weather always get alternated by 6 days of shit weather? Let me know plz. Hope you like it!

Sitting on the dock of the bay

This little vest/cardi/blazer thing is just adorable, don’t you think? Perfect for when you do feel like layering, but it is just too hot for REAL layers! I really love that pale/blush pink blazer trend that has been making its rounds around the blogosphere, but pale/blush pink look really awful on me and so does beige. The downsides of being a wintertype. So this lacey thing is probably the closest thing I'll look good in :(
And I’m sorry I’m wearing this dress in virtually the same way as last time, with strappy shoes and that headband, but it just looks so good together! This dress is REALLY a must have you guys. Go get it at Zara if it isn’t sold out already. SO comfortable, SUCH a unique print and who doesn’t love navy? The birds almost look like stars from afar, really a print that catches your eye and a breath of fresh air between all the florals, stripes and checks!
Also, I’d just like to take this moment to thank my boyfriend. I don’t know what has gotten into him but he has been really really amazingly perfect the last weeks. I mean, he is almost always awesome, but don’t you ever have a certain period of time that your boy/girlfriend just seems too good to be true, almost? That is what I’m having right now. And I ain’t complaining.

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source: Face Hunter

Nude/beige oxfords/brogues. And flowers in my hair.

I'm digging these at Sacha: