I smell the garden in your hair

This is the debut of my first of two H&M Garden collection dresses! I chopped up the frilly parts around the neckline because it didn’t flatter me and felt like a bit too much, with all the bright colors and hip folds :D I fell in love with the bright colors and the different-from-usual design, perfect to wear when spring isn’t exactly too springy. Like I’m experiencing right now: there’s practically a storm going on outside with heavy rain from time to time and crazy gusts of wind. Thank god I’m staying home today :-D

dress: h&m
cardigan: h&m
boots: pimkie
ring: Alex Monroe
nailpolish: claire's

I’m going to try and get to the vet to get our cat some antibiotics and start getting my school shit together because we just got our exam dates today and this always means I’m going to start to stress out because that shit is NEARING.

I didn't even know we could already pick our oral exam dates so thank god it didn't matter much to me what date I got... Uni seems to go by so fast, when I first started I wanted it all to be over so I could start working already, but uni has grown on me and I love it now :(

listening to:

Welcome to the red parade

I found this band jacket in the back of my closet, I’ve had it for probably about 8 years! It’s still vibrant red and supersoft velvet-y, I never wore it back in the day because it just didn’t blend in with my wardrobe. It’s really great when you find something beautiful you’d forgotten all about! This look isn’t really totally my thing, but I love it in the pictures and I think you out to push yourself out of your comfortzone now and then! Even if it’s just to broaden that comfortzone :)

 and this is one of the delicious whadayacall it in english thingies we buy on sundays to eat with our tea!

dress: zara
jacket: h&m
boots: new look
scarf: pimkie
hat: h&m

Our stupid cat is sick AGAIN, it’s sneezing all over the place. And sneezes louder than most humans. Which is really quite disturbing when you’re sitting at your laptop, working at some assignment, thinking you are home alone. I’m going to check out if there is anything left of the garden collection before class because I have my eye set on two dresses. You know I am powerless when it comes to florals :D

Tavi Gevinson

is it just me or does this girl get more awesome with every post she uhm posts?

Also, her idea for a different Telephone videoclip? Epic.

check that shit out:

Goodmorning, goodmooorning!

Another monday, and the weather has tanked (I don’t know if you can even say that, haha). We’re expecting max temperatures of about 14° celsius up until thursday, and then there is a polar weather thing coming our way, with max temperatures of 8° celsius. For christ’s sake, it’s spring! Almost april! “Maart roert zijn staart” as they say, “march’s end is mischievous” or something like that haha. Once again I bother you guys with sayings, do you have any corny sayings about the months of the year? I’m a real sayings type of girl, probably because I’m a wordsy person. I have always read tons of books and I love languages and difficult words. One of the main features that attracted me in my boyfriend (we met over the internet so his looks didn’t matter yet :D) was his eloquence. I would never be able to be with a guy that talks in grunts and primitive words. He would just not inspire me, and I need to be inspired!
 skirt: h&m
top: pimkie
tights: pimkie
boots: h&m

Everytime the weather gets nicer, every spring and every summer, my style turns to “romantic”. I leave my bold, tough outfits when I shed my wintercoat, spring/summertime is for flirty frocks and darling dresses! Haha sorry for being so corny.

a little inspiration:

for the next last couple of days of chilly weather

and now for spring!

Hope you all have a great week ahead of you! I’ll be working on my Verbal and Non Verbal Communication assignment today. We have to describe a situation and analyse it afterwards, think it’ll be pretty fun! Bye!

Don't fear the reaper

Sundayyyy not much to tell you guys, here’s my outfit! grey h&m dress, shoes and belt bought in the sales for 40 and 4 euros, and I’m wearing my chain armor to spice things up! Have a nice sunday! :)

much awesomeness:

can't wait for the show in may! I'm so going to be wearing my sequin hotshorts :D


this skirt

this girl's coolness, never saw someone wear a turban quite as perfectly

these shorts. Because navy sequin shorts are just a bit better than black sequin shorts.

I'm not into your passport picture, I just like your nose

I was incredibly inspired by how Calivintage wore her polkadot tights with another print and different colors while still delivering a cohesive look that wasn’t at all attentionwhore-y to me, just incredibly cute and a bit casual:

Exactly the way I wanted to wear my dotted, girly tights! So THANKS, calivintage, and I’m really sorry for ripping off your look
But not really :-D

 everything except tights: pimkie
tights: h&m

Hope you all have a great weekend

Teenagers scare the living shit out of me

Floral upon floral, that’s what spring does to a girl like me! This is one of my favorite floral dresses, I love the vibrancy of the print and how small and abstract the floral print actually is. What better way to wear it than with more pretty red floral in the form of a scarf? At first, I planned on going all nineties and wearing my lace up boots with this, but it was too warm outside and I settled on these shoes. I wist they were white/black instead of grey/black though, but whatayagonnadoabatit?

 dress: pimkie
shoes: sacha
scarf: pimkie
glasses: claire's

The weather was so lovely, I spent the last hour before class on the grass in front of the library, soaking up the sun rays. It was like 20° celsius there in the sun! And after a gruelling lesson in statistics, I ran into my best friend from class in the street and we just stood there talking for like an hour, gossiping and laughing our asses off. You don’t meet that many people who you can do that with so it was great. After that, I drove home with my boyfriend and we made/ate dinner. Then we watched a movie together (I love watching tv with in the arms of my boyfriend) and called it a night!

Radar Love

My cat is allright, thanks all you guys who asked! She has an irritated bowel thingy going and we need to feed her boiled chicken filet for two weeks. Stupid cat is spoiled rotten with expensive meat, and now she won’t even eat it! haha
I saw I was featured in this video, how awesome is that!!!!

I’m totally psyched and honored. I really love how easy chictopia is to use, and how it brings all kinds of cool people to your attention, without them being totally out of reach. They can easily become friends… :) Now I’m getting ready for class as I REALLY should be going to class at least ONE day of the week, bye bye!!

blouse: pimkie
shorts: old jeans cut up
shoes: h&m
bracelet: h&m